New EPA guidelines could mean higher electric bills -

New EPA guidelines could mean higher electric bills

(KMOV – Questions around a long list of proposed guidelines from the EPA have electric companies like Ameren unsure about how much consumer bills could go up.

Ameren already increased rates by 17% partly to pay for $600 million scrubbers to help reduce pollution at their Portage Des Sioux plant. According to Ameren, the rate changes have been in the works for years, and they’ve been pro-actively preparing for the new guidelines.
However, Ameren says uncertainty accompanies the proposed rules because in the past the EPA has backed off proposed rules, delayed implementation or has been blocked by legal challenges.
Ameren hopes that whatever rules are finally imposed, implementation will be phased in slowly, giving utility companies time to adapt. In the meantime, the utility says it will continue proactive measures like its purchase of new scrubbers and low sulfur coal.
The EPA’s new rules are aimed to improve the environment and save billions of dollars in health care costs. 

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