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Police search for armed carjacker





(KMOV)-- St Louis County police are investigating a carjacking that happened the parking lot of a Family Dollar store on West Florissant in Jennings, late Sunday afternoon.

The driver of a tow truck told police he stopped at the store to buy a drink when he saw a man climb into his tow truck, parked outside.

The driver went outside and confronted the man. A witness said the tow truck driver hung onto the side of the truck for a few moments before another passerby stopped to help. The passerby let the tow truck driver get into his vehicle and the men followed the stolen tow truck - while calling police.

The victim told police the suspect was armed with a handgun.

St. Louis Police spotted the stolen tow truck and an officer began following the suspect. The tow truck driver drove into an alley near Laura and Mimika - where the suspect put the truck into reverse and jumped out. The truck crashed into a garage and garbage dumpster.

Police with dogs searched the area, but did not make an arrest.

Crime scene detectives were processing the truck, in hopes of finding the suspect's fingerprints.

No one was injured.

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