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Florissant woman scammed out of thousands of dollars

(KMOV) - A Florissant woman now can't pay her bills because she was scammed out of 4 thousand dollars.  This is due to the notorious multi-million dollar sweepstakes scam.

People in other states and countries are randomly selecting people.  They're calling them and telling them they've won 7 million dollars.  They're then asked to wire money that pays for fees including the delivery of the prize.

Florissant resident, Rida Cooper fell for the scam after receiving a call from someone in both Jamaica and Florida. She's the latest victim that has cheated people nationwide out of millions of dollars.  Hundreds of people in the St. Louis area alone have now become targets

The Better Business Bureau says they're receiving 15-20 calls a day from people who are getting the same kinds of calls. If you get a call like this, contact your local Better Business Bureau immediately.


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