Deadline extended for MidAmerica Airport developer -

Deadline extended for MidAmerica Airport developer

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

MASCOUTAH, Ill., (KMOV) – A New York developer blames the economy’s decline for a failure to keep its promise to Illinois taxpayers to build an international cargo hub at MidAmerica Airport.

St. Clair County paid the company a quarter of a million dollars to build the hub, and now the developer is changing the plan.

The airport has seemed to have no luck since in 1998. The new cargo terminal should have been close to being finished by now, but the county is giving the developer more time, setting a new deadline to build a smaller place by next July.

Airport Director Tim Cantwell says he’d like to see this international cargo terminal built, but the problem is with the developer.

So instead of next month, next summer is the new deadline, and the plans are smaller – cut in half to 30,000 square feet.

The New York-based developer set to build the place has already taken $250,000 in taxpayer money as an incentive for the $2 million facility.

Officials insist the county’s investment is safe. Cantwell says he believes the international cargo terminal will get built next year, and with tenants like Boeing, MidAmerica may finally start bringing a return on the investment.

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