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Woman's epic scavenger hunt break-up letter goes viral

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – An anonymous woman is becoming a bit of an Internet sensation after posting a break-up letter to her cheating boyfriend to an image-sharing website.

In the letter, viewed more than one million times on Imgur, the woman catches her boyfriend of two years cheating after he left his Facebook page open.

As explained in the letter, the boyfriend was sending and receiving messages from a woman named Kelsi.

But instead of kicking the boyfriend out on the spot, the unidentified writer takes the break-up to a whole new level by creating a scavenger hunt for him.

“Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah! You! ,” the letter read. “But don’t worry, I didn’t break anything! Actually, I was nice enough to package your things! And I even invented a neat game, since I know you like looking for things like other girls!”

“Your clothes are where we first met,” reads the first clue.

“Your video games are where we first kissed!” another reads.

The final clue leads her partner where he probably least expects it.

“Everything else, including pictures of the last 2 years of our lives, is at Kelsi’s house,” it says.

The letter has already generated more than 640 comments on Imgur. So far, no one involved with the letter has come forward.


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