St. Louis County to remove storm debris for free -

St. Louis County to remove storm debris for free

( -- On Monday June 10, St. Louis County’s Department of Highways and Traffic will begin removing trees, branches and other vegetative debris released by last Friday’s powerful storm.

Work will be restricted to the large pocket of neighborhoods in unincorporated St. Louis County – both north and south of I-270 - that was particularly hard hit by last Friday’s tornado-force winds.

The debris must be placed behind the curb but as close to the curb as possible.County forces will not enter private property.

Additionally, St. Louis County will not remove construction debris – or any other non-vegetative debris.

“We won’t be picking up shingles, two-by-fours, siding or bricks,” explained David Wrone, public information manager for the Departments of Highways and Traffic and Public Works. “If a pile of branches is intermingled with roofing tiles or strips of aluminum siding, our forces will skip that particular residence - and the disposal process will be up to the homeowner.”

The clean-up is expected to take at least one month to complete, Wrone said.

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