St. Peters residents considering lawsuit after constant sewage b -

St. Peters residents considering lawsuit after constant sewage backup

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- Some St. Charles County homeowners are fed up with raw sewage seeping into their homes.

Residents in Westwood Estates say it’s a nuisance and a health risk, and some of them are now considering suing the city of St. Peters.

“I looked down, saw water on the floor, with the black sludge wasn’t smelling good,” said Susan Daniels. “This past time it came up the toilet. It just ran for two hours.”

The city of St. Peters is paying the bill for Daniels and many others in the neighborhood though the walls of the homes reveal not all the mess can be undone.

“Every time the AC kicks on I can smell it, it’s in my duct work, it’s upstairs,” she said. “Who knows what I’m breathing.”

That’s why Daniels and some of her neighbors are considering a class action lawsuit against the city, hoping to force St. Peters to fix the bigger problem behind the backups.

“I know we’ve had problems in that area in the past, however when it happens it happens when there is a really big rainfall,” said Lisa Bedian with the City of St. Peters. “What we’re going do is look at is there something that can be done with this old system to make it better.”

City officials say fixing any major issues will depend on the cost. That is, unless Daniels and her neighbors can use a lawsuit to convince them otherwise.

About 15 homeowners have shown interest in joining the potential lawsuit.

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