Jeff. Co. parole violators run free after probation; police fight over blame -

Jeff. Co. parole violators run free after probation; police fight over blame

(KMOV) -- Criminals violating their probation are running the streets of Jefferson County because it seems no one is taking on the responsibility of arresting them.

Now the Jefferson County Sheriff is blasting the probation and parole office saying that they are not doing their jobs.

“I feel like if we’re paying the police department to take care of criminals, drug dealers, rapists or child molesters and if they’ve been convicted they need to be arrested if they’re doing it again,” says Jefferson County resident Charlotte Lindwedel.

So whose responsibility is it to arrest those who violate their probation? Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer says probation and parole want him to do it. However the sheriff says he’s down more than 30 officers and needs the officers he does have out fighting crime.

Sheriff Boyer says, “they have badges, they have guns, they have vehicles like any other law enforcement agency in this country, why can’t they transport their own prisoners?”

Phone calls to the probation and parole office was not returned...and when our camera went by there, they were closed.

The mayor of Hillsboro says also a parole officer’s job is to make the arrest. Mayor Frank Rolland says it’s not the city’s job to perform a state function. Rolland says, “why should we have to go and transport people to the jail when we had nothing to do with this particular person. It’s not even residents of Hillsboro.”

Sheriff Boyer says he understands residents concerns but at the same time claims probation and parole are allowed to make arrests. Boyer says, “I certainly understand it but I also have to ask you if I’m going to pick up inmates from probation and parole…what about the calls we’re not answering because I don’t have the manpower to answer those.”

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