St. Louis-area man: Doctor billed me for consultation I didn't w -

St. Louis-area man: Doctor billed me for consultation I didn't want

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( - A man who visited a St.Louis area doctor tells News 4 he was harassed by a doctor and then billed for it. 

“It wasn't very professional let's put it this way,” said Ron Gober.

Gober says when he went to Washington University Orthopedics in May, surgeon Jeffrey Johnson scolded him for being a smoker.
"I am 68-years-old, I think I know smoking isn't good for you,” Gober said.
Gober told News 4 the lecture was rude. He also said he was billed for something he did not ask for.
“He's charged me $95 for a smoking consultation,” Gober said.

Gober said his visit was not about smoking.

“I went there to get my ankle fixed,” said Gober.
Instead, Gober believes he was the victim of a scam.
“Why wouldn't be a scam? It’s ridiculous," Gober said
News 4 attempted to contact Johnson but he did not respond. No one from Washington University would go on camera but they told News 4 this is standard practice. Three minutes or more of counseling, they say, is a billable service, even if you didn't want it.
"I can see why he does this, because he can get away with it,” Gober said.

Gober said he's going to fight the charge, but he hopes others don't get the same treatment. In the meantime, all the stress is only causing him to smoke more.

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