Slay: Ruling in pension case is best for taxpayers -

Slay: Ruling in pension case is best for taxpayers

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( – A judge issued a ruling in favor of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay’s firefighter pension plan Monday.

The plan offered by Slay is not as expensive than the plan that was previously in place. The proposal was originally supposed to take effect in February, but firefighters filed a lawsuit to block it from being implemented because they believed it was unconstitutional.

In a release, Slay hailed the ruling as a victory for taxpayers.

“These are common sense, fair changes that I proposed,” said Mayor Slay.  “I thank the Aldermen who stood up to do what’s right for taxpayers under enormous pressure."

Firefighters who have 20 years or more of experience will see no changes from the previous pension plan. Younger firefighters will have to contribute more to their pensions and cannot receive full benefits until age 55.



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