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2 Teens charged with stealing 100 lbs of explosives from Troy quarry

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Two teens were caught with more than 100 pounds of explosives reported stolen from a Lincoln County quarry.

Authorities charged Dylan Huber, 18, with stealing an explosive weapon, first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle, and first-degree trespass motivated by discrimination. A second suspect, Joshua Wilcockson, 19, is still at-large.

According to detectives, Huber told police the teens were riding an ATV and drinking beer at the Fred Weber Quarry on May 14 when they noticed large pieces of scrap metal lying around the property.

They left and returned with Wilcockson’s truck and began collecting scrap metal. During the process, the teens broke into a secured trailer believing there was a better supply of scrap metal inside.

That's where the two allegedly stole more than 100 pounds of explosives.

After a search warrant was issued, authorities located the explosives at Wilcockson’s property on the 200 block of Firehouse Lane in Troy where ATF agents took custody of the explosives.

Lincoln County detectives were given several tips leading to the two teens after they were allegedly bragging about the explosives to others.

During the investigation, detectives learned the ATV the suspects were riding was reported stolen from Ballwin.

Investigation efforts into the theft are still ongoing.

Huber is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Anyone with information on Wilcockson’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 636-528-8546 or visit their website at www.lcsdmo.com to submit a crime tip. 

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