Interracial couple says they were chased with baseball bats -

Interracial couple says they were chased with baseball bats

SAN ANTONIO -- A couple said they were victims of a hate crime and they have video and pictures to prove it.

However, they're more concerned with how the San Antonio Police Department is handling the case.

A young Hispanic woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told a KMOV sister station KENS 5 that she and her black boyfriend were chased by several Hispanic men for being an interracial couple.
"We were in danger," she said.

The 22-year-old said at least three men with baseball bats ran after her and her boyfriend's vehicle yelling racial slurs.

"They said how disgusting I am to be with a black man," she said.

The ordeal happened on Saturday night near South Hackberry and West Drexel Avenue.

According to the woman, the torment turned into a life-threatening situation.

"I was just so scared. I was screaming so all my boyfriend could do is try to reverse and leave the other way," she said.

The woman said the attackers smashed their windshield and took off after they saw her dialing 911. But she and her boyfriend feel police didn't take the matter seriously.

"I looked at my boyfriend. I said, 'this isn't a misdemeanor, they were trying to kill us," she explained..

The case was filed as criminal mischief. San Antonio police said a hate crime doesn't come into play until the punishment phase.

"All cases are handled with the utmost care and the well being of the complainants in mind," said Sgt. Javier Salazar. "This complainant is entitled to present any evidence in her case."

The couple said they are more outraged over the fact that they feel helpless.

Damages to the couple's vehicle total about $1,000.

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