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Witness: 2 puppies tossed out of car, get run over on I-255

ALORTON, Ill. (KMOV) -- Illinois State Police are looking for witnesses to a cruel act that ended in the deaths of two puppies. 

Just before 2:30 a.m. on Memorial Day, a witness called police to report seeing two puppies tossed from an overpass in Alorton onto the northbound lanes of Interstate 255.  

When a trooper arrived at the scene, he found two puppies dead.  One was in the right lane and another was in the left lane.

"One dog was laying in the right lane of traffic, the other dog was in the left lane of traffic.  He said that the injuries were too severe for him to be able to distinguish what type of breed the dogs were," said Trooper Calvin Dye, Jr.

It appeared the dogs were hit by vehicles on the interstate.

The initial witness reported seeing the puppies thrown from a white SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer.  The witness was not able to see a license plate, said Trooper Dye.

The Metro East Humane Society's Kathy Turner says a donor has come forward and offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to charges.

"My instant reaction was that I hope somebody saw them," said Turner.

"I know there has to be a family member out there somewhere that knows this person had puppies two days ago and doesn't have them now.  Hopefully, they'll step forward and do the right thing."

Officers in the Collinsville Illinois State Police Office can be reached at 618-346-3627.

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