Family members shocked after man accused of trespassing is fatally shot -

Family members shocked after man accused of trespassing is fatally shot

TAYLOR LAKE VILLAGE, Texas — A homicide has sent shock waves through the city of Taylor Lake Village.

The Lakeview Police Department, which serves both El Lago and Taylor Lake Village, said the Timber Cove neighborhood is best known for being home to astronauts like John Glenn. There hasn’t been a homicide here since the 1980s.

On Sunday morning between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m., Lakeview police said a man from the neighborhood was trespassing and was shot dead at the intersection of Wyndwood Drive and Shorewood Drive.

According to his family, Brandon Smith was out walking the family dog and may have gone uninvited to a backyard party. Police said there was an altercation between the homeowner and Smith that spilled into the street where the shooting happened.

“I can’t imagine what would happen when Brandon’s out here on a public street away from the house at least 150 feet and the man shoots at him, discharges his weapon four times and hits him twice once in the stomach and once in the head, that’s not someone defending themselves, that’s a vendetta,” said Smith’s father, Stanley Briers.

Police said the Harris County District Attorney has the case, but no charges have been filed, so KHOU 11 News is not naming the man who allegedly shot and killed Smith.

Neighbors said the shooter went down to the police department to give a statement.

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