Man arrested 1 month after posing as UPS driver, tying up elderl -

Man arrested 1 month after posing as UPS driver, tying up elderly woman

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(  – The man who reportedly posed as a UPS driver in Ellisville and robbed an elderly woman was arrested Monday.

Tyson D. McGuire, 37, was arrested one month from the day he had forced himself into the home of an elderly victim.

Bernice Cook told News 4 she answered the door when McGuire, posing as a UPS delivery person, said he had a package. Cook said McGuire, who was holding a cardboard box and what appeared to be a clipboard used to sign off on packages, then pushed his way into her home.

Authorities said he then told her he wanted her money and jewelry and bound her wrists and fingers with a roll of tape he brought with him.

According to Cook, McGuire said his name was Robert and needed money to get back to California. He added he had a 10-year-old son who suffered from cancer.

Police said he then taped Cook to the kitchen stove.

“He tied me to the handle of the stove with tape, and after he left I chewed myself out I kept chewing and chewing on the tape ‘til I could get loose...then I called police right away,” said Cook.

After receiving information that McGuire was at an apartment in the 4000 block of Macklind Avenue, Ellisville detective Brian Gillaspie contacted the St. Louis City Police who in turn responded to the apartment and arrested McGuire on Ellisville warrants for burglary, stealing over $500, and kidnapping- all felonies.

St. Louis City also had a charge on McGuire for peace disturbance.  

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