Family finds loved one's mementos missing from south St. Louis f -

Family finds loved one's mementos missing from south St. Louis funeral home

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- A family is looking for answers after their loved ones belongings were stolen after a funeral. The family asked News 4 for help not just because of the theft but because they think employees at the funeral home are responsible.

Leslie Granadillo, 48, died last week after battling prostate cancer. The funeral was Saturday at Kutis Funeral Home in south city and when family members went back Sunday to pick up some of his stuff, they found out it had been stolen.

“My sister and I come back to get flowers and mementos from the coffin and when we arrived the people at the funeral parlor told us someone had come on behalf of the family and picked up the flowers,” says Oliver Weaver.

 Except whoever it was, wasn’t family. Instead a stranger who lied was given the personal belongings. Items taken were medallions, some locks of his hair and a book full of signatures from those at the funeral.

“Do you think they’re partially at fault? I think they’re completely at fault because apparently there’s no protocol. Anyone can say they’re with the family and take flowers,” says Weaver

Employees at Kutis acknowledge they’re aware of the incident but wouldn’t comment any further. Family members say there’s no sense of urgency and they feel like it’s their fault this happened.

Weaver said, “there’s no monetary value to this. It’s just treasure for two little boys who lost their father.”

Police are investigating and you can be sure News 4 will continue working to get answers from employees.

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