Family records apparent drug deals in the Hill neighborhood -

Family records apparent drug deals in the Hill neighborhood

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( -- One St. Louis family says they have repeatedly watched their neighbor deal drugs, and have the video footage to prove it.
The family originally installed cameras because cars kept getting vandalized in the Hill neighborhood near their home.
But, as they combed through their footage, they say they discovered something extremely concerning.
Starting in the winter, and many times since, the video shows car after car rolling to a stop in front of the home. A woman comes out, but only for a minute, and her hand goes inside the window before the car rolls on.
"We believe the neighbor is selling drugs,” said a woman who asked not to be identified.
She said she is overwhelmed with what is happening in her neighborhood.
"Very upset, scared, frustrated, angry,” she said.
She has kept a list of how many times the alleged drug deals have happened, and how often she has tried to bring it to the attention of authorities. She said the family has even given the video to the DEA.
"We've contacted everybody, we've done what they told us, but we can't put all our energy into just this,” she said.
The appropriate police personnel were not available Friday to tell News 4 whether they are investigating, but a spokesperson for the department said officers are looking into the matter.

But one mom told the station she hopes something will happen soon. Right now, she is afraid to let her child play outside.
News 4 asked the woman about her biggest concern.

“That more violence is going to come out of it, that someone will get injured or killed,” she said.

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