Golfers find tough conditions in Round 2 at Bellerive -

Golfers find tough conditions in Round 2 at Bellerive

( Sports) -- There may not have been a cloud in the sky or extreme temperatures on the surface, but the conditions are toughening up for the Senior PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club on Friday.

“I thought it was a nice day starting out and then the wind,” Duffy Waldorf, who shot a one-over-par 72 for the clubhouse lead after Friday morning, said. “I kind of thought I had an idea of the wind was going at the start and then I felt like it just kept shifting around. It made it very tricky. 

“It felt very Major Championship-like, not knowing which way the wind is blowing makes a huge difference.”

It was a roller-coaster day for Waldorf after collecting six bogeys and five birdies in the morning round. The difference from his first round score of 66 can be found in the rough.

“I definitely drove into it more. I think I was only in the rough once yesterday,” he said. “The lies I had in the rough were pretty difficult.  They're okay for hitting short irons, but once you start getting into past a 7-iron it's pretty rough.  The ball comes out prickly and not very straight and kind of wobbling.”

The next two days might have tougher conditions with a chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

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