Illinois lawmakers inching closer to conceal carry deal -

Illinois lawmakers inching closer to conceal carry deal

( -- Illinois may be moving closer to getting a concealed carry law on the books.

House members will vote Friday on a new bill, and lawmakers seem to think the odds of it passing are better than the previous attempts.

There’s been a lot of compromise in the Illinois capitol, with House members locked in meetings hashing the legislation out.

Despite the compromising attitude, the battle between upstate and downstate lawmakers is a game of give and take in the capitol.

Metro East Representative Jerry Costello II says lawmakers have come up with a concealed carry law that would be statewide and favor gun owners.

But it also carries a long list of restrictions on where guns would be allowed, a concession to Chicago-area members who are still pushing for tight controls.

“The major difference from a restriction standpoint is mass transit,” he said. “I will tell you we weren’t happy giving up. I have questions if there will be legal concerns down the road but at this point in time it’s what had to be done.”

The clock is ticking down to a June federal court deadline to enact a concealed carry law, and passage in the House is no guarantee it will pass in the Senate.

“It may be something the NRA can live with and if it is, I don’t think they will come out and say we’re going to endorse this bill,” Costello II said. “If the NRA endorses it, then you have a problem with Chicago lawmakers.”

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