Smoldering in Bridgeton landfill continues to move toward radioa -

Smoldering in Bridgeton landfill continues to move toward radioactive material

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( -- Shocking news emerged Thursday for residents who live around the Bridgeton landfill.

An announcement came in the evening that work being done to fix the smoldering deep within the site isn’t working.

A group of concerned citizens, called Missouri Coalition for the Environment, say the fire continues to move toward the radioactive waste, and has moved 200 feet closer in the last three months.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has been monitoring the hot spots at the landfill, and posting the temperature readings online.

Organizers are now saying Republic Services has failed in taking the lead to fix the problem and it’s now time for the state and federal government to take over.

“We have begged to see a plan,” said Maryland Heights resident Dawn Chapman. “I want to know what happens when the fire gets to this point, ‘what are you going to do?’ They’ve said until now ‘we’re not going to let it get to that point.’ Well it has. I’m done with this being pacified thing, we’re starting to get aggressive at this point.”

Republic Services is already responding to these concerns. In a statement, the company said:

“At currently measured rates of movement it would take more than 10 years (for the smoldering) to reach the edge of the north quarry.”

That’s where this radioactive material is buried. The spokesperson also told News 4 the landfill 

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