Gravois Park residents tire of constant gunfire, some ready to a -

Gravois Park residents tire of constant gunfire, some ready to abandon neighborhood

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – Gravois Park residents are fed up with hearing the gunfire around their homes.

The most recent gunfire in the neighborhood was around the intersection of Nebraska and Potomac.

Thursday afternoon, police say a man was shooting at another man on a porch when an officer pulled up.

The shooter fled, but was caught running through an alley.

Residents say gunshots are not unusual in the neighborhood, and Thursday’s incident is more of the same.

The constant gunfire has some ready to abandon the neighborhood.

“It’s time to pick up and move,” said Earl Hines. “It’s not safe. Ain’t safe for your children, ain’t safe for yourself.”

Brad Sharp was out doing yard work when the latest gunfire broke out.

“Every other day around here,” he said. “I’ve lived here twenty something years, it’s getting ridiculous. Kids can’t come outside and play.”

Neighbors News 4 spoke with say they’ve seen a gradual decline, and while some say the answer is everything from programs for young people to more police patrols, others say the problem stems from the lack of cooperation with police.

“People do know what’s going on around here and who it is,” Sharp said. “I don’t think people are cooperating and it’s getting tiring man.” 

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