Dog may have been snatched by mountain lion -

Dog may have been snatched by mountain lion

SAN ANTONIO -- A gated community in north San Antonio has alerted homeowners to take caution after a dog was attacked and taken away by what was possibly a mountain lion on Tuesday night.

The Dominion Homeowners Association sent an email to residents on Wednesday in regards to the possible mountain lion attack. According to the message:

"A small dog was attacked and taken by a large cat thought to be a mountain lion near a wooded area in the Gardens last evening. Texas Parks and Wildlife has been contacted and will investigate the incident."

The dog's owners told KENS 5 he let both of his dogs outside before the Spurs game on Tuesday night. He let one of his dogs back inside and then realized Sophie, the dog who remained outside, suddenly stopped barking.

When he went outside to check on her, he said a mountain lion had Sophie in its mouth. He went inside to fetch a gun, but the mountain lion had already disappeared.

Sophie's owner said they found her body on Wednesday.

Homeowners were advised to take appropriate precautions and to refer to a brochure on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Residents were also encouraged to report any "sightings or any encounters with predator wildlife" to the Dominion security.

The email was signed by a member of the Dominion Animal Advocate Group, which is a group of volunteers dedicated to providing help to lost and abandoned pets and feral cats, according to its website.

The game warden also went out to the wooded area behind the man's home on Wednesday to set up cameras to try to catch images of the mountain lion.

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