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'Like a piece of meat': Throat slashing victim speaks out about attack

SAN ANTONIO -- A homeless man is lucky to be alive to tell his side of the story after having his throat slashed.

Looking at his wounds, it's a miracle Marcelino Belmares can still talk. Now he's using his voice to thank the strangers who helped save him.

"Blood was just gushing out coming out constantly and going all over the place," Belmares said.

Staples now hold together his flesh. Last Friday, it was like a scene from a horror movie. Belmares had to stumble to a fast food restaurant to get help after he was bloodied from a brutal stabbing.

"I was thinking to myself, 'Don't give up,'" he said. "[I was] breathing in, and blood was going back inside me."

Belmares said he sleeping in the tent of a homeless camp near Rittiman Road when a woman butchered him.

He said the suspect was the woman he loved and wanted to protect. But she turned on him.

"I'm a good person with a big heart, and all you did was slash it a up," he told KENS 5 about the alleged attacker.

"She just watched me walk down the trail," he said. "And just bleed. Like a piece of meat. I want her to do time."

Belmares said he was determined to survive.

"I lost so much blood. I was just about to die," he said. "But I told myself, 'Do not give up.'"

He deeply appreciates the strangers who called for help and the surgeons who stitched him up at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

"Thank God for the people at Whataburger and the surgeons at SAMMC that kept me alive," he said. "Thank God."

Belmares said he was holding a steady job and was trying to make his life better.

San Antonio police said the suspect was arrested after she was found covered in blood. She reportedly told police that she acted in self defense.

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