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Witnesses say grandmother jumped boy walking home from school

HOUSTON – A grandmother is in serious trouble with the law after police say she beat up a 13-year-old boy. According to documents, the 54-year-old claimed the boy was bullying her grandson.

Pamela Miles, also known as Pamela Hutcherson, now faces a felony charge of injury to a child.

Documents say Miles screamed at the boy from her car, “You wanna fight my boy, here he go.”

Witnesses described it as a vicious beat down.

“Out of anger, he was trying to fight back. I was like, ‘you’re not going to fight him!’ [I said] ‘go get your momma, go get your momma,’” said witness Laquanta Nance.

Nance recalled seeing a group of kids involved in a brawl on Alice Street in south Houston. She said she had to do a double take when she noticed a grown woman was right in the middle of it.

“She turned, took her shoe off and started beating him on the top of the head with it,” explained Nance.

Nance said she ran toward the brawl to break it up. From what she saw, she believes the woman planned the fight and was waiting for the boy to walk home from Cullen Middle School.

“If it was my child I would want someone to stand up. It did leave a sour taste because she just took it and ran with it,” added Nance.

Another witness, who wants to remain anonymous, said Miles broke the boy’s nose.

“She was beating him upside the head. She was fighting him like a man,” explained the witness. “She hit him with her fists. She wasn’t slapping. She was hitting him with her fists.”

The 13-year-old boy’s older brother said the ordeal has been traumatic.  

“She did wrong. That’s all I can say. She did wrong. She hit a little boy, and she’s old. She’s got to go to jail for that,” said Walter Evangelista.

A friend of Miles believes there’s another side that isn’t being told.

“I don’t believe she was whooping up on nobody else’s kid,” said Shirley Womack. “Her grandson’s big enough to beat up his own people. He don’t need his grandmother to do it.”

Police said Miles went to Cullen Middle School after the fight and told school officials that the 13-year-old had assaulted her grandson.

According to documents, Miles has denied fighting the boy.

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