Security beefed up for international soccer match at Busch Stadium -

Security beefed up for international soccer match at Busch Stadium

 (KMOV) -- Thousands of people packed Busch Stadium Wednesday night for the international soccer training session.

Due to the recent tragedy at the Boston marathon, the St. Louis Metro Police department is beefing up patrols.
Wednesday night they were seen on just about every corner surrounding the stadium. Some even had drug-sniffing dogs.
“I can’t remember the last time I saw so many police officers in one place at one time,” says a fan in town for the soccer match.
An international sporting event with a lot of publicity and the chief says he's not taking any chances. 
"Fortunately St. Louis has lots of experience with things like the World Series because of the Cardinals, so this has a very World Series feel to it in terms of how we put detail into it,” says Chief Sam Dotson.
This is what you can expect if you're attending Thursday night’s soccer match; Officers on just about every corner. They're keeping an eye not only on the stadium but also nearby parking lots and metro stops.
"If you see a lot of security, you feel safe in an environment with a crowd this big,” says a fan from Wichita, Kansas.
10,000 people attended Wednesday night’s practice and nearly 50,000 are expected for the match between Chelsea and Manchester City Thursday night. 
Police Chief Sam Dotson says an event like this requires additional security, even drug sniffing dogs. 
Dotson says, “We want to make sure everyone has a great experience and that everyone can get to the game and everyone’s safe while here."
He says treat this similar to a baseball game. Lock your car and don’t leave valuables inside.

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