Man fleeing officers unknowingly tries hiding in St. Louis Count -

Man fleeing officers unknowingly tries hiding in St. Louis County police headquarters

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- A man trying to get away from officers during a chase was caught after he accidentally ran into St. Louis County police headquarters on Wednesday.

Authorities said Clayton police pulled the suspect over in the 7800 block of Forsyth around 1 p.m.

Police said the man then got out of his car, pushed a cop and fled around the block.

It wasn’t long before officers chased him into a nearby building, which turned out to be the St. Louis County Police headquarters.

The suspect missed a sign on the building identifying it as the headquarters.

Lt. Bryan Ludwig was sitting in his office, looked up and saw a man running at a full sprint heading right for him.

Not knowing exactly what was happening, Lt. Ludwig and another officer, Randy Vaughn, sprang into action- chasing the suspect down into a blocked corner.

“You know we joking afterwards because he actually ran towards the jail first and then came back this way,” Ludwig said. “We were joking he should have cut out the middle man and gone straight to the jail.”

Lt. Ludwig says the man was panting hard, and appeared to be intoxicated. Clayton police have him now, and haven’t released his identity or why he chose to flee police.

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