St. Charles residents struggle to rebuild following Monday flood -

St. Charles residents struggle to rebuild following Monday floods

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- Heavy rain in St. Charles County created major flooding, even requiring water rescues in some areas.

The flooding forced several families from their homes, and Tuesday many of those people returned to assess the damage.

Many families say they lost everything. Residents at the River View Gardens Apartments say the rising water caught them by surprise.

They say it took less than 30 minutes for the water to creep up and into their homes destroying almost everything.

“Within five minutes of it getting up to the door it just started rushing in,” said resident Ashley Thompson.

Christy and Tom Brewer have lived in the complex for 20 years. It’s the second major flood they’ve seen, but say it might be the last one they can take.

“It’s rough when you’re homeless and you ain’t got no place to go and you have to sleep in your car,” Christy said.  

“It might not be the nicest stuff but you worked so hard for everything you have and then for it to just be gone,” added Thompson.

Some at River View Gardens say their landlord should be doing more. Reportedly, she owns another business and has focused her attention there and not at the apartments.

She says she filed the flood insurance claim and promises a dumpster later in this week. Even that seems like too long to wait for some, as they continue the cleanup and prepare to start over.

“I have two kids- all of their stuff is gone,” said a resident who wanted their name withheld. “We have a whole life that we have to rebuild.”

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