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Ritenour student admits to making up attempted abduction story

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Ritenour School District officials changed their  tune about a reported attempted abduction because the victim changed hers.

News 4 has reported a number of stranger danger situations on both sides of the river and obviously, a child's word about something like that needs to be taken very seriously .But now some say it seems there are some kids playing copy-cat.

Breckenridge Hills Capt. Scott Robinson said there were red-flags in a 12-year-old's story that a man had tried to get her in a car near this restaurant Monday morning.

A man caught quickly nearby after denied any abduction attempt. When police questioned her again, the girl recanted.

"Why do you think a child would say something when something else happened like this?” asked News 4 Reporter Lauren Trager. Umm, attention, you know there has been a lot on the news, maybe it's on their mind,” Capt. Robinson said.

Two weeks ago, police in South Roxana Illinois also found inconsistencies in a girl's report

People we talked to shocked that a child would make up something so serious.

“Check the parent because something might be going on in the home of the parent,” said Alex Hurst who lives nearby where the abduction was reported.

After their entire department dedicated a day to a false report, Captain Robinson says parents must teach the lesson.

"Just tell the truth, if it happened, we need to know about it if it didn't you don't need to make everything up,” Capt. Robinson said.


The girl won't get charged for the fake report because her age. We talked to her mother off camera though, who said the girl will get a talking to.

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