Lion gives birth to 3 healthy cubs at Oregon Zoo -

Lion gives birth to 3 healthy cubs at Oregon Zoo

PORTLAND – A 6-year-old African lion at the Oregon Zoo gave birth to three healthy cubs Saturday night.

The cubs were born between 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., according to zoo keepers. Neka, is a first-time mom and zoo officials said she is doing well in her maternity den where they are not on display.

“We’re all delighted at the arrival of these cubs and very proud of Neka,” said curator Jennifer Davis, who oversees the zoo’s Africa and primate areas. “It’s terrific to see her taking such good care of her babies. There’s still a lot that could happen, so we’re being very cautious and giving her as much quiet time as possible. But so far she seems to be taking to motherhood quite naturally.”

On Thursday, the zoo announced Neka was pregnant, but estimated Sept. 14 as her due date. Davis cautioned that this is Neka’s first pregnancy, and the birth of a healthy litter of cubs was not a sure thing.

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