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A rare glimpse of a Syrian rebel weapons storehouse

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(CBS News) ANTAKYA, Turkey -- Just as President Obama is trying to win congressional support for a strike against the Syrian dictatorship, there is a new complication. A video obtained by The New York Times, who said these were Syrian rebels back in April about to execute Syrian government soldiers. CBS News is not showing the actual shooting, but as the video goes to black, you will hear the sound of gunfire.

Watch the video obtained by The New York Times of the execution of Syrian government troops:

There are many rebel groups battling the Syrian dictatorship -- some the U.S. has called freedom fighters, others it labels terrorists. Secretary of State John Kerry said "the bad guys" -- as he calls them -- make up only 15 to 20 percent of rebel forces.

The Free Syrian Army is one rebel group the U.S. administration is betting on. These members -- whom the U.S. considers moderates -- are seen as a force that can counter the growing influence of radical Islamic groups that have also joined the fight.

Already the moderate rebels are marching in new U.S.-issued uniforms and they are getting other help.

Col. Adnan Khotoba, who is in charge of the Free Syrian Army's supplies, took us to a warehouse in northern Syria where they are stored. It was filled with boxes shipped from the States: body armor, helmets, even American military rations.

But he said, there's one thing that the U.S. has promised that it hasn't delivered.

"We haven't even received a single bullet from America so far," he said.

He took us to another warehouse where the group stores the ammunition. It was almost entirely empty.

"And this is for the whole Free Syrian Army," Khotoba explained. All they had left were some machine gun bullets and rocket propelled grenades -- not enough to go into battle with. He said this wouldn't last five minutes.

 A big part of the American reluctance to send weapons to the rebels is the fear they will end up in the hands of extremists groups which seem to be gaining in strength.

So why are they so powerful on the ground? "They are strong because they are zealots," said Khotoba. "They love death."


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