St. Peters firing range fights for approval to lower age require -

St. Peters firing range fights for approval to lower age requirement

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- A popular St. Peters firing range is trying to put guns in the hands of younger kids, but it has to have the city’s approval.

Part of the deal when Ultimate Defense Firing Range and Training Center opened was to keep anyone under the age of 16 off the range, according to owner Paul Bastean.

He’s now trying to convince the city of St. Peter that the new age minimum should be 13-years-old.

“The 13-year-olds were getting left out; 16- year-old, mom, and dad were able to go out, and the 13-year-old wasn’t,” said Bastean.

On Wednesday, the St. Peters Planning and Zoning Commission approved a request to lower the age to 13.  The Board of Alderman has the final say. 

 If adopted, the new rule would require the minor to be with a family member over the age of 21 or a responsible adult.

“If an older brother, 21-years-old and a day brings in their little brother, we’re gonna have a lot of scrutiny as to whether we’re just going to take them out to the range or not,” said Bastean.

Bastean said each teenager would also need to go through a 10-step safety course, lasting about ten minutes, before firing a single round.

There are other ranges in the region that allow children much younger than 13.  In fact, some ranges don’t have a minimum.

There will be a public hearing on lowering the age minimum at Ultimate Defense on Sept. 26 in St. Peters. 

At that time, the Board of Alderman can vote on the issue. 

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