US Bank slow to refund money to local customer after checkbook s -

US Bank slow to refund money to local customer after checkbook stolen

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A local US bank customer contacted News 4 after the bank refused to refund him his money after his checkbook was stolen from him home.

It’s been a battle for about six months and according to the victim, US Bank wouldn’t reimburse him because his checkbook wasn’t kept in what they consider a safe place. In this case that safe place was the victim’s own home.

“This occurred in April. Sometime in May they denied my claim because I store checks in the glove box in the car and also in my apartment,” said US Bank Customer Ryan Origliosso.

 He was out more than $200 after two men stole his checkbook from inside his apartment. They were sitting next to his computer and because of that he said US Bank didn’t want to reimburse him, claiming the checks were not secure.

 Representatives with US Bank won’t confirm or deny that claim. Origliosso had a police report showing two men had been arrested. He even had evidence showing the signature on the checks weren’t his.

However because his checkbook wasn’t locked up or on him at the time, he said the bank blamed him.

“They even claim with credit cards that you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to fraud and that they’ll clear everything up right away,” he said.

News 4 wanted to know what US Banks policy is but instead received this statement, saying “we’ve been working closely with the customer and have been investigating this matter.  It’s an unfortunate case of fraud but we are pleased to have reached a resolution.”

Origliosso said, “I don’t think any progress would’ve been made if I didn’t contact News 4 to step in and see what’s going on.”

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