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Local conceal carry permits to double with increase in female applicants

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – In a local county, applications for conceal carry permits are on track to double this year compared to 2012 with majority of applicants being women once new system arrives. 

Officials with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department say even with the large increase, they’ve been collecting applications for weeks and most are from women who are concerned for their safety.

"The area is just growing in population and it's getting bigger and bigger and there's more crime going on,” said Melissa Seive.

She lives in Washington and has already taken the conceal carry class and plans to apply for her permit any day.

"Anything can happen so I'd rather have it, be educated with the gun and be able to protect my family and myself."

Major Mike Copeland at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department said for several months they averaged 12 to 15 first time applications each day this year.

Already in the first eight months of the year, the number of new applicants has almost doubled with majority being women.

"There was discussion about eliminating some second amendment rights and people were concerned about that both locally and nationally," said Major Copeland.

State law now requires sheriff’s departments to handle all aspects of the permit process but right now, the finger printing station is empty.

“We can’t accept any application until we have the ability to enter them into the system,” said Major Copeland.

The state’s new system was supposed to be up and running this week but it’s still not ready.

"That's why I went ahead and got it at the time i did because I was afraid later on it wouldn't be as available,” said Seive.

Major Copeland said there are similar trends around the state and country but he expects that new system to arrive by the ends of the week and said the department should be able to catch up on applications quickly. 

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