Anonymous website "leaks" St. Clair County classified documents -

Anonymous website "leaks" St. Clair County classified documents

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) -- News 4 uncovered a website which posted St. Clair County classified documents sending a message that residents deserve more transparency from their elected officials.

Board President Mark Kern took office nine years ago pledging to be transparent and said he doesn’t have anything to hide including the documents which were leaked onto this anonymous website.

The site states that it’s not supported by St. Clair County but on the site’s front page are documents with details of closed-door meetings which are only given to board members.

“I can tell you any discussions we have are not shocking,” Kern said.

Some of what is found on the mystery site is not posted on the official county website such as the judiciary committee which met with Illinois State’s Attorney Brendon Kelly on July 29 in a closed-session meeting.

The agenda included the discussion on drug-testing St. Clair County employees.

The board packet from the August 26 meeting can also be found on the site.

“We can see something from the august meeting on this anonymous website and not yours can you explain why?” asked reporter Brittany Noble. “Any set of minutes not on the board automatically goes on the web but if not approved yet it’s not available for the web,” Kern said,

In an effort to learn who is leaking this information, News 4 went to an UMSL Professor for some answers.

“There’s no mention of who owns the site, second thing I did was search on who is dot net,” said Professor Vickie Sutter.  “That’s how I learned the site is registered to domain by proxy, a website that protects the owner’s identity. We may never know who is sharing this information,”

Board President Mark Kerns said they would not be seeking legal against if they learned who was behind this mystery site. “No, I don’t think so. I’m all for people saying what they want.” 

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