Adorable puppy photos lead to ugly Metro-East scam -

Adorable puppy photos lead to ugly Metro-East scam

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- A Metro East woman wants to warn dog lovers everywhere to be careful after her heart was broken.

It started with several photos of adorable puppies.

“I always wanted one ever since I saw Men in Black,” said Angela Lemornand. She fell in love with the pug in the famous movie series, but pugs are very expensive, So she posted a request on the internet.

“I got a reply almost immediately from a woman that had two pugs, that she had just relocated and the place she moved to had a no pet policy,” Lemornand said.

The reply even included a set of darling pictures and the woman said Lemornand could have them both,  for the price of airfare- just $200.

But that was $200 she didn’t have.

“So what I did was, I went to a pay day loan and took a loan for $200 and Western Unioned her that money that day,” she said.

Then the trouble started. Lemornand was told the dogs needed a special shipping crate, at a cost of $780.

“I’m like, ‘I don’t have $780,’” Lemornand said. “I didn’t have $200 for the dogs in the first place.”

Soon, she had over 300 emails and text messages demanding more money.

This is not the first time News 4 has heard a story like this.

Last June, a St. Louis woman got a similar offer for a free Teacup Maltese puppy and all she had to do was pay for airfare.

Then papers, and shots, and a special shipping cart.

In two weeks, she sent roughly $7,000 for a dog that was only supposed to cost $80 and shipping.

There was no dog.

Now, Lemornand knows there never were any pugs.

“I should have investigated it more,” she said.

Had she, she would have found that the airline the woman was using, Continental Pets Transports, doesn’t even exist.

The best way to protect yourself in cases like this is to ask a lot of questions, and if the other party doesn’t answer them well enough, don’t do it.

If anyone ever wants you to pay by Western Union or money card, be very, very suspicious.


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