St. Louis crews battling water main breaks across city -

St. Louis crews battling water main breaks across city

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- City water workers will not take a break for Labor Day, as they continue repairing busted water mains throughout St. Louis.

It will be a busy holiday and likely a busy few days in the area of Seventh and Biddle, due to a massive water man break on Saturday.

The extreme heat in recent days led to several breaks, including one on Penrose and Euclid in north St. Louis and at least a dozen others over the last few days.

At this time, all residents have water, though workers say they will have to shut down water to begin repairs.

“Right now it’s down to where you can probably just get some water, fill up the bathtub and we’ll keep the water flowing until we start the repairs,” said Vincent Foggie with the St. Louis City Water Department. “That’s when residents will be out of service.”

In addition to the heat, water workers say problems have been caused by kids playing with fire hydrants.

It’s hot out, so kids will open a hydrant to cool off. But they don’t know how to close it properly, so theyy end up rupturing a line.

It takes a lot of time to fix it; workers say they will put in about 100 hours this week.

They also say it could be the end of the week before road crews will be able to repair the streets impacted.

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