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Police tow 10 motorcycles at motel in south St. Louis

(KMOV.com) -- As day one of the Ride of the Century wrapped up Saturday night, many riders felt they were profiled by St. Louis Police when ten motorcycles were taken while drivers were inside a hotel.

The prelude event started Saturday morning in Columbia, Illinois where police said riders remained peaceful until crossing into Missouri and began driving recklessly. Police said the stunts were distracting to other drivers.

Riders were escorted into Missouri by state troopers and stopped at the Red Roof Inn off Hampton Avenue is south St. Louis.

Troopers then loaded 10 motorcycles and towed them away which lead riders to believe they were being profiled by police accusing police of taking short cuts to catch the bad guys.

“We saw the accident right up the road,” said Highway Patrol Sergeant Al Nothum, “Bikers wrecked. It wasn’t because he was driving and obeying the law.”

Police said a man in his 30s passed by an unmarked police car and lost control of his motorcycle, hitting the police car. He died as a result of those injuries.

The formal Ride of the Century begins Sunday under the Arch at 2 p.m. 

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