Motorcycles impounded, riders arrested in north St. Louis after -

Motorcycles impounded, riders arrested in north St. Louis after 'stunt riding'

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- Dozens of motorcyles were impounded late Thursday night in north St. Louis.

According to a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson, officers observed approximately 40 motrcyclists driving recklessly throughout the city; performing stunts, driving on sidewalks and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Officers attempted to stop the group, and the drivers reportedly fled. 

The riders were reportedly filling up their gas tanks at I-70 and Salisbury when, officers arrived and arrested 23 individuals and impounded 24 motorcycles. 

Officers say they believe one driver fled on food. 

News 4’s Mike Colombo spoke with one of the gas station attendants who told him that the riders seemed to behaving when police pulled up.

The drivers were charged with careless and reckless driving. 

According to police, of the individuals arrested, 15 were from outside of the region, with three being from Illinois and five being from Missouri.  

Officers also suspect at least seven of the impounded bikes are illegally registered.

It is unknown if the riders are connected to the Ride of Century which is scheduled to take place this weekend in St. Louis. There is also a local stunt bike scene which is known to the area. 


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