Dellwood doctor's medical license revoked leaving pregnant patie -

Dellwood doctor's medical license revoked leaving pregnant patients in the dust

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV)-- A doctor disappeared leaving his pregnant patients without any medical care and unable to get access to their own records.

News 4 called, went to his office as well as knocking on his listed address but were unable to make contact with Dr. James Belcher.

But only when News 4’s Lauren Trager went to City Hall, did she get the scoop on Dr. Belcher.

He has tax liens against him totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because he was so delinquent, News 4 learned the state had actually yanked his medical license in June.

But that didn’t stop him from seeing Raven Lozan in July. Only when she came back on August 20, did she too find his building abandoned.

“It does make me upset because I don’t think no doctor should do that,” Lozan said.

What’s worse: she can’t even get her medical records.

“I cannot see any other doctor unless the medical records are given to them,” she said.

Now, at eight months along, she’s having some pains and will have to go to the ER if they get worse.

She’s scared and angry that a doctor she trusted has put her in a position to worry about her unborn baby.

“Do you think he should ever get his medical license back?” asked Reporter Lauren Trager. “No, I don’t think he should,” she said.

But he could, if he pays up. Lozan says she’s considering taking the fight to court.

News 4 will continue to stay on top of this to see what happens. 

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