Residents upset over "test" closure of St. Ann convenience store -

Residents upset over "test" closure of St. Ann convenience store

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV)—A Quik Trip location in St. Ann plans to close its doors as a test and some residents are organizing to save the location.

A Facebook page was created by Maurice Gayden called “Save the St. Ann Quik Trip!” to stir support for the store.

“They call it a test. They are going to close this store and see how the Bridgeton and St. John store react to that. I believe in their hearts that it’s a test up front, but I believe once it’s shuttered they are not going to open it,” Gayden said.

The other two Quik Trip locations, Bridgeton and St. John which take less than six minutes to get to either one.

Gayden has been told this store is profitable but he believes they don’t want to spend the money in remodeling or upgrading.

Area businesses such as Oday Bisharat,a family-run furniture outlet say they count on the convenience store to draw business to the area after losing Northwest Plaza and a Walmart.

“We had a lot of traffic coming in from Walmart and the mall and now we are losing Quik Trip. They can all see us from there,” Gayden said. “Quik Trip, if you can hear me, we’re here ...we support you... we want you to support us.“

News 4 spoke with a Quik Trip executive who said that a final decision on the St. Ann location has not been made yet but it will most likely close for good. 

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