Jennings man fighting Flordell Hills over ticket -

Jennings man fighting Flordell Hills over ticket

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( -- A Jennings man who says he is the victim of a money grab is fighting city hall.

Robert Cotton says he received a speeding ticket he got from Flordell Hills in north St. Louis County  in the mail, and he says it’s a mistake.

“They said they got me speeding in the city of Flordell Hills,” he said. “It says I was going 45 in a 35. The fine is $110.”

Cotton says the problem is he wasn’t in Flordell Hills. He says the photo of his car that they sent shows him heading south on Jennings Station Road.

Cotton says he was in Jennings which is patrolled by St. Louis County, not Flordell Hills.

The Flordell Hills city limit sign is nearby but Cotton says he was clearly outside city limits.

“The problem i have is you’re writing the ticket in a different muncipality you don’ thave a right to write a ticket in,” he said.

Flordell Hills is an island in the middle of Jennings. It covers just a little more than a tenth of a square mile with a populaton of about 800.

News 4 went to the city hall to ask about Cotton’s complaint. Marshal at City Dennis Oglesby wouldn’t go on camera with but did say that Cotton was correct.

Oglesby says the radar that the officer was using extends about the length of a football field and he was, basically, shooting outside the city limits.

Flordell Hills operates another speed camera a few blocks away from the site of Cotton’s ticket as well.

Oglesby says the enforcement on Jennings Station Road was meant to slow traffic down because drivers were going 50 and 60 miles in a 35 mile an hour zone.

Ogelsby said Cotton should come in and talk with them about his ticket and they’d look into it.

Cotton said he went Thursday afternoon but Ogelsby was already gone for the day. He said he would try again Friday.


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