Adoptive mother of starved girl takes stand in own trial -

Adoptive mother of starved girl takes stand in own trial

A Sedro Woolley mother took the stand Wednesday, describing the day young Hana Williams died.

Carri Williams, along with her husband Larry, is charged with homicide by abuse in Hana’s May 2011 death.

Williams said her daughter, Hana, repeatedly refused to come in the house that day. Hana had been outside for hours when she started acting irrationally.

“She came to the door and she just stood there,” said Williams. She said her daughter starting throwing herself violently to the ground.

“A couple of times when she threw herself hitting her head,” Williams told the courtroom. “I decided I couldn’t watch anymore.”

Williams admitted to sending her sons outside to swat Hana on the rear with a switch to get her to come in. But she still refused.

Eventually the teenager collapsed outside the home. By the time her family brought her inside, she had died.

Carri Williams’ mother testified how Hana and her brother had become rebellious in the few years since the family adopted them.

“I thought it was so odd that he was so violent,” Charlotte Miller, Carri’s mother, said of Hana’s younger brother, who they also adopted from Ethiopia. “He was kicking, screaming and punching.”

None of them had witnessed any abuse.

Williams’ father, a former police officer, said he if he had, he would have done the right thing.

“Bound by law, I would have reported it,” said George Miller.


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