Man admits impersonating federal agent for questionable charity -

Man admits impersonating federal agent for questionable charity

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

(KMOV) – A man targeted in a News 4 Investigation pleaded guilty to federal charges for impersonating a federal agent while claiming to raise money for soldiers.   

News 4’s Chris Nagus confronted Matt Buckingham in January moments after he was caught telling a News 4 producer about his impressive military background.

“Right now I work for Homeland Security,” Buckingham said. “I’ve been to Afghanistan twice… The Marines picked me up when I was 17.”

He even said he was in the Coast Guard but it was all a lie and an attempt to recruit women into a raffle scheme to raise money for wounded soldiers.

Buckingham would recruit women, send them into bars to collect cash for a raffle that never happened.

On Wednesday, Buckingham pleaded guilty to impersonating a federal agent and he also admitted the money collected never went to the troops. Instead, it was used to pay expenses such as gasoline, or to pay the women he recruited to collect the cash.

Buckingham was already involved in several other consumer complaints with his unrelated businesses.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for November where he could face up to three years in prison. 

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