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Special prosecutor to review shooting death of Carbondale woman

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CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) -- A special prosecutor will review the case of a 21-year-old southern Illinois woman whose body was found last year in the apartment of a police dispatcher she’d dated.

A Jackson County judge signed off on the request by State’s Attorney Mike Carr, who asked for an outside review of the 2012 shooting death of Molly Young.

Earlier this month, Carr said he wasn’t prosecuting the case after a coroner’s jury said there wasn’t enough evidence to determine whether Young’s gunshot wound to the head was a suicide, homicide or accidental.

Young’s family protested the decision not to prosecute and asked for an independent review.

Larry Young said “ It’s long overdue, I’m glad he finally did it.”

Carr says he requested a special prosecutor partly to avoid the appearance he has a conflict of interest in investigating the dispatcher who dated Young.

Young was killed from a single gunshot wound to the head in the apartment of her boyfriend who was a dispatcher at the Carbondale Police Department.

“The evidence we have is no powder residue on Molly’s hands is one, the bullet trajectory in the top of the head on left side and she is right handed would be major items,” Young said

Young claims there were inconsistencies in the 911 call and the actions of the Carbondale Police, “I believe there are indications, strong indications now even more so now than I thought before.”

Larry Young has waged his own campaign in southern Illinois called Justice for Molly, with green t-shirts and a web site and Facebook page.


The director of the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office told News 4 they have no timetable for reviewing the case.

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