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Unsuspecting Arnold homeowners fall victim to woman claiming to be lost

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) -- Arnold Police officers are searching for a woman who allegedly took advantage of a home owner. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said a similar case happened there too.

The first incident happened August 17 in unincorporated Jefferson County. Deputies said a slim woman with long black hair and a large tattoo on her leg walked to a home in the 100 block of Falcetti where the woman claimed to be stranded.

The homeowner invited the woman inside to use the phone, she also allowed the woman to use the bathroom. The next day the homeowner realized she was missing $6,200 worth of jewelry.

Arnold Police said they received a similar call for a woman with short dark hair who stopped in the 2900 block of Arnold Tenbrook Road on August 23.

The woman knocked on a door and told the homeowner she was lost. She then asked the man at the door to call the cell phone she had misplaced. When she could not find the phone, she began crying and asked the homeowner if she could use his bathroom.

Police said the man stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. He heard the woman in his bedroom, when he walked back inside the house she took off through the back door.

The man realized the woman took $200.00 from his top dresser.

“It’s a shame when you’re out to help somebody and they are out to do you harm,” said Captain Ron Arnhart, of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators in Jefferson County and Arnold are working together closely to locate this woman. Authorities say to call police if anyone has information pertaining to this suspect.  

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