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Quick hit: 3 more stats to know for August

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) --  How you score runs can sometimes matter just as much as whether you score them. The Cardinals have a run differential of 151, second in the majors, and are third in hits and third in runs scored.

But it's not the long ball that gets them wins. They're 26th in home runs and 21st in ISO.  

ISO, or isolated power, measures the amount of extra base hits per at bats, and goes from awful (.080) to average (.145) to excellent (.250).

The Cardinals are at .137 as a team on the year. This isn't a club living and dying with the big bat, and that may just be the key to their success down the stretch, despite how they won Monday's game.

Redbird hitters only strike out 17.7 percent of the time, fourth best in baseball.  Their stats show they are winning games with timely hits and discipline at the plate.

If power can slump, or be intentionally walked, the Cardinals are certainly familiar with how to win without it.


The best pitch in baseball is strike one. Getting ahead 0-2 is even better, as hitters averages drop well below .200 (except the Orioles who hit .224 somehow this season).

With the league average somewhere around .160, 0-2 counts are the best place to be.  

The Cardinals pitching staff has seen the most 0-2 counts in all of baseball, with 28 percent of all plate appearances resulting in that count.

Despite getting way out ahead, pitchers have given up 66 hits on 0-2 counts, slightly worse than the league average.


Matt Holliday can absolutely savage a baseball. In the month of August, his power has increased, taking his ISO to a monstrous .264. He has five home runs in August, and 53 extra base hits in all.

His 20 RBIs are the best for any month of the year for him, and he's got a six game streak of both a run scored and an RBI in every game. It may be due to his increased aggression at the plate.

In August, he is averaging 3.59 pitches per plate appearance. In July it was 3.71 and in June it was 3.68. 

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