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Has Pujols already worn out his welcome in L.A.?

(BaseballStL) -- It didn't take very long for Cardinals fans to realize that not signing Albert Pujols was the best move the club has made in years.

Not only has Pujols (with his $250 million dollar contract) been on a fast decline with the Los Angeles Angels, he is also alienating some of his new teammates.

CBS Sports obtained information detailing a near fight in the clubhouse between Pujols and his Angels teammate, Torii Hunter. Here's a link to the CBS Sports.com story.

Those of us who covered Pujols during his time in St. Louis knew him as a guy who could be very nice and accommodating one day, or angry and confrontational the next.

As the premier player in the game for most of a decade he was under constant pressure from fans and media for his time. He could never escape the spotlight, whether he'd just hit three home runs to win a game or struck out in the 9th with the bases loaded (which wasn't often, if ever).

To his credit, Pujols has been more than generous with his time and money in his work with his foundation that benefits impoverished people in his native Dominican Republic, and those living with Down's syndrome.

He's done far more for charity than most other players, and that's something his critics should always keep in mind. But, there is also that prickly side of Albert that rubs some people the wrong way. Including some of his Angels teammates.

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