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Police: Robbery suspect gets shot in face, flees St. Louis hospital

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

(KMOV) – Authorities say a suspect shot in the face during an attempted robbery is back in custody after fleeing from a St. Louis hospital on Saturday.

According to police, the owner of an East St. Louis towing company was patrolling the premises around 6 a.m. when he ran into two suspects attempting to rob the place.

Police said the owner shot one of them in the head and called authorities.

Authorities responded to the scene and took the wounded suspect to St. Louis University Hospital. The other suspect was taken into police custody.

Police said while at the hospital the injured suspect saw no one was watching and ran from the building. He then took a Metro Link train to his girlfriend’s home in East St. Louis.

Authorities said police surrounded the apartment and the suspect called authorities pretending he saw a man on the run.

Police said officers then forced their way into the home and arrested the suspect. He was taken back to SLU Hospital where he remains under police guard. According to authorities, he will need reconstructive face surgery but is expected to survive.

Police later took the blame for the escape, saying they should have sent an officer to watch the suspect at the hospital.

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