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Jamestown Mall closed due to cold temps for second time in month

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(KMOV.com) -- For the second time in a month a north St. Louis County mall is shut down because it has been deemed a public safety hazard.

St. Louis County officials said Jamestown Mall has fallen behind on its utility bills and that parts of the mall are once again too cold. Officials said there is not enough heat inside the common areas for the mall to remain open.

“People have circulation issues. They could have a problem from the cold temperatures,” said David Wrone with St. Louis County, “I mean they go into a building expecting it to be 70 degrees of high, as most malls are, and they’re hit with a 50 degree environment or less.”

With the mall closed, holiday shoppers are shocked and disappointed.

“They are responsible for their customers,” said shopper Elaine Holmes, “So if they don’t have the heat on, then that is a concern.”

Back in November, St. Louis County closed Jamestown Mall because the temperatures registered at 45 degrees. Officials said temperatures have to be at least 68 degrees.

Mall management said the mall is shut down until further notice and had no other information.

Even with the closure, anchor stores Macy’s JC Penney and Sears Tire and Auto Center, remain open.

Mall tenants are allowed to access their stores for cleanup and some are relocating their operations all together.

Stay with News 4 and KMOV.com to know when the mall will reopen. 

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