Interim Kinloch mayor scared of city shes leading -

Interim Kinloch mayor scared of city shes leading

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

(KMOV) – An interim mayor claimed threats and lack of cooperation was making it hard to govern the city of Kinloch.
Just a month into her stint as interim mayor, Theda Wilson said she feels unprotected in the city she’s in charge of leading.
“I have no problem doing my job it’s hard when you have people who want to block you at every angle,” Wilson said.
Wilson said the fear of going into the city alone stems from a tumultuous relationship with the Chief of Police Adrian Roberts. She said the police department blatantly ignored her calls for service.
She also claimed Chief Roberts prevented her access to public files and city ordinance codes. Wilson said Chief Roberts has been making perceived threats.
“Soon as I took my spot he told me as long as I stay out of the way everything will be okay and I'm like what but I didn't want to think more of it,” said Wilson.
Chief Roberts said the department never threatened or ignored Wilson and he believes its unfortunate the department is being pulled into this.
Despite the rift, Wilson said she’ll continue her duties with or without police help.
“If the police department is failing us that's not going to be a plus for our city,” Wilson said.


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